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Another benefit of Manifold is that we weren’t just dumped into their marketplace and left to wither. Their team is extremely customer-centric, they have marketing strategies, and they know technology.

Dylan Stamat

CEO, Iron.io

As a services developer, working to bring your product into a new platform or marketplace is a daunting task. … What I found was a brilliant group of seasoned developers who had put together a surprisingly robust and well-crafted API.

John Willman

Founder, JawsDB
Helping Grow service businesses LIke:
Platform Features

Give your users more reasons to love you


We make it easy for your users to create resources and distribute config and secrets.

User management

We bring teams and role-based access controls to your product to make sharing resources easy.


Simplify credit card management, and streamline your user’s monthly invoices by giving them a single bill at the end of the month for all of their services.

Streamlined integration

Implement a set of RESTful API endpoints to integrate with our platform.
This can take as little as a few hours and our partner success team will be there to help.

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