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Open Policy Agent’s Mission to Secure the Cloud

If cloud computing and software development are to continue to thrive, more cooperation is needed to ensure our shared systems are secure.

How Developer APIs Can Make or Break Your Business

APIs are a fundamental part of modern web application development, and it's a little hard to imagine a world without them. But the decisions that startups make about implementing and managing their APIs can have profound effects on the growth trajectory of their business, both good and bad.

Five Methods For Marketing Your Bespoke Cloud Service To Developers

By focusing on what your audience needs, you can craft a marketing approach that is just as tailored as your product. Give developers the confidence that you have something that is built just for them, and that they don’t have to settle for a generic service.

Podcast: Can you really avoid cloud lock-in?

In the third installment of our KubeCon San Diego series, Manifold co-founder Matt Creager explains his company's marketplace-as-a-service for developer tools and services, then discusses cloud workload portability, the importance of using the right tool for the job, and shares which KubeCon announcement he's found most exciting so far.

Manifold’s New Sales Strategy

For cloud-computing startup Manifold, a new business model is offering a path to faster growth. Manifold’s online platform gives tech companies the ability to purchase software for their computer programmers, track how much money is being spent on the software and distribute in-house programming tools. Now, the four-year-old business is testing a new sales strategy in which its marketplace will be integrated with project-management services from other companies.

Video: Companies Should Open Source Their Technologies If...

... they want to become good citizens of the open source world, says Matthew Creager, founder of Manifold.co, a company that's creating marketplace for open source projects.

Podcast: Open source sustainability with Manifold

In this podcast, recorded at Kubecon in November, Manifold co-founder Matt Creager and VP of product Leah Rivers sat down with me to talk about bringing down the barriers to open source commercialization. Manifold powers marketplace infrastructure to connect developers with APIs, tools, and services. We talked about how we might make it easier for developers to build sustainable businesses, even small ones and some of the ways we could make it easier to package and sell software.

Five Lessons For Succeeding In The Developer Tool Business

Anyone launching a developer tool should consider a few essential questions to ensure they understand their product’s usefulness and potential to generate revenue. I was reminded of this recently when I reflected on what I’ve learned after starting my own companies, as well as my experiences building software tools and collaborating closely with toolmakers.

Build or Buy? How to Think About Assembling Software in the Cloud

It’s that eternal business dilemma: what do I build, and what do I buy? There have never been as many ways for software organization teams to build and assemble their most critical business applications, which is both exciting and confusing at the same time.

Developer Tools Quietly Become A Growth Story

As a market sector and an investment opportunity, developer tools had long been technology's underachiever. While demand for software products boomed, companies making developer tools failed to attract any significant investment.

What Render announced at TechCrunch Disrupt SF's Startup Battlefield

Render announced three major additions to its platform - Disks, Infrastructure as Code in the form of render.yaml and Deploy To Render button - onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt SF’s Startup Battlefield. Startup Battlefield showcases the most promising early-stage and fundamentally disruptive startups.

Render Integrates Market as a Service

Manifold revealed Render as the first cloud platform to integrate its Marketplace-as-a-Service offering into its streamlined developer experience. Render Addons give developers immediate, pre-integrated access to a variety of third-party cloud services they can use to build great applications.

Render Taps Manifold to Expand Cloud Services for Developers

The rate at which DevOps teams that rely on cloud services from Render will be able to discover new tools is about to increase significantly, thanks to Render’s new alliance with Manifold, a provider of a marketplace-as-a-service platform.

Creators Of Developer Tools Should Mimic The Super Platforms

To compete with the cloud platforms offered by Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, providers of developer services must offer similar convenience and expansive tool catalogs. The market for developer tools is thriving and continues to defy skeptics who once predicted developers would always choose to build their own tools rather than buy them.

Cloud Marketplace as a Service Creates New Dev Possibilities

A neutral cloud marketplace would allow developers to pick and choose applications, without the constraints of one cloud. What could that mean for you?

Better Together: Why Software-Development Toolmakers Should Embrace Integration

It’s getting harder for businesses that are building technology tools to get attention, traction and ultimately widespread adoption. You can’t just launch an amazing new developer tool and hope developers will find you; providers need to zero in on a specific use case that empowers developers while also ensuring those developers will still have access to the broad ecosystem of other tools they need to do their jobs.

Planning for the Long-Tail Cloud

Do you get excited when you discover a new service from one of the top three public clouds or a new public cloud provider? I do. But every time you feel excited about new cloud offerings, you should also feel a twinge of fear.

Founder Interviews: Matt Creager of Manifold

When I was 12 years old, I used to play a computer game called Ultima Online with my uncle. My uncle wrote banking software for a living and he’d automated his characters so they were way more productive than mine while he was working all day.

Multicloud Strategies Are Important for Developer Ergonomics

Hidden among the numbers revealed when technology startups go public for the first time, there’s been an interesting trend in recent years: the majority of startups about to go public are entering into exclusive, multiyear contracts with a single cloud provider — locking in cost savings, but also, the company’s business for the long haul.

Manifold: An unopinionated cloud-native service marketplace

The Manifold service marketplace is attempting to get ahead of a tidal wave of too many developer options when it comes to leveraging cloud services and APIs and delivering into a containerized, multi-cloud, multi-platform world.