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Is SSO a Necessary Evil? Not Necessarily

As a developer, SSO may feel like a chore to implement, and not worth the effort. But the fact is that SSO is critical for delivering a smooth end-user experience and managing users efficiently.

Four Ways to Make Your Service Stand Out in a Marketplace

A marketplace listing that fails to identify your service's value clearly, succinctly, and that makes it hard for consumers to find more information undercuts the point of using a marketplace at all.

The Benefits of DevOps tools in a Marketplace

Listing on a marketplace presents a unique opportunity for developer services companies and is a great distribution strategy.

Service pricing: Don't race to the bottom

Everyone loves to complain about how much things cost, and developers are no exception. It's not very common to hear someone say that a developer tool is priced fairly and rare indeed is the developer who will come out and say that a tool is underpriced.

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