What’s it like working out of a WeWork?

What’s it like working out of a WeWork?

Manifold is a distributed company (see our content pieces on being distributed here and here). Our SF office is a team of three who all work out of a WeWork, which if you’re not familiar, is a shared work space. There are many pros to being in a WeWork; great location, chill vibes, everything, and I mean everything, is taken care of for you. There’s no need to buy desks, chairs, toilet paper, water, coffee, cups, office related supplies, internet, etc. All you need is your computer and you’re all set up.

The downside, of course, is the cost. It can cost you an arm and a leg to have an office with a window in a SF WeWork. We’re here to pay for the convenience though and we’d gladly pay it to not all work out of my studio.

Another intangible benefit is having pseudo coworkers. Oftentimes working remote can make you feel isolated and lonely, having a shared work space can combat some of that loneliness and give you a place to ‘go to work’ on the days you want to get out of your own house.

Here are 10 things you’ve probably experienced if you work out of a WeWork in SF:

  1. There’s never a conference room open for booking when you need it.
  1. Someone is going over their time slot in the conference room you’ve booked and you’re creeping outside it, inching closer by the minute.
  1. You’re going over someone else’s time slot in a conference room and shamefully walk out once you realize they’ve been hovering.
  1. That person that’s always super set up in the common area (standing desk extension, plugs, mugs, laptop, etc).
  1. Feeling trapped in the phone booth dungeons.
  1. Rainy days = the whole floor to yourself
  1. Googling the startup that just moved into the large corner office as celebration for closing a fundraising round. After all, having more space than you need in SF is the ultimate flex.
  1. There is free coffee on every floor but you go buy some at Starbucks/Philz/Bluebottle anyway.
  1. The sun coming in from your neighbors window is in your eyes but you can’t close their shades because they’re never in.
  1. Feeling immediately at home no matter what location of WeWork you’re in because they’re all furnished the same! And in Soma alone, there’s 12 different WeWork locations.

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