Welcoming CloudAMQP to the Colony

Did you know that a group of rabbits is referred to as a colony? Did you also know that CloudAMQP, a beloved RabbitMQ as a service provider used by developers at SoundCloud, Mozilla, Sony, and AuthØ, is now available on Manifold?

Highly available message queues for developers of all sizes

Starting today, you can use Manifold to create fully managed, highly scalable, RabbitMQ clusters for everything from hobby to production applications with just a few clicks. Whether you’re developing in Ruby, Node.js, Go, or one of the dozen languages with client libraries, you can get started with a million messages a month for free with your Manifold account.

Improving the way you create resources

You may have noticed that we overhauled the way you create new services within the dashboard. (If you haven’t yet, give it a go!) To learn more, check out Nick’s post explaining the changes.

I heard it through the grapevine

Nothing brightens our day like feedback, especially around how you are using Manifold in your development workflow. If there are services you’re interested in or features you’d like to see, be sure to let us know. Based on feedback from you lovely folks, we’re preparing a guide and some features for using Manifold with Zeit’s Now, so stay tuned!

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