This post is dedicated to our mighty team of providers

In September, we officially launched Manifold 1.0 and since then spent a lot of time thinking about how to improve your provider experience. You are one of the best parts of our product and this year we want to focus on improving your Manifold experience.

I’m going to walk through some of the features we’ve launched to improve your experience and talk about what’s next.

The horse before the cart

Before adding a bunch of new features, we started by building a strong foundation. The foundational work began with the launch of Teams for Providers, which allows you to set roles for each member of your team. The ability to grant role-based access control in the provider dashboard (more on that later) will enable you to have more granular control and beefed up security.

Dashboard, you say?

Yea! Our goal is to provide a great experience and help you to be successful. Manifold providers now have a dedicated section right in the OG Manifold dashboard. Similar to many marketplace sites, there’s a buyer/seller toggle view. What’s a better place for your dashboard if not right inside the normal Manifold application? It’s only visible to you and allows your team to easily be a Manifold users as well.

Months ago, we asked you for your feature wishlist. The most requested feature was the ability to see and download monthly payouts. So V0 provider dash includes monthly payouts and the ability to download payouts as a CSV. Yay accounting work!

Another top item on your wishlist was more data on how your product is doing on Manifold. To address this, we launched a feature called Provider Insights, which gives you a way to track provision failures. With Provider Insights, you can get access to:

  • failed provisions
  • what the error was and how many times it occurred
  • the current status (either still trying, failed or succeeded)
  • users affected and the team they are on (if applicable) with their contact info
  • region and platform

These error logs need to be easily consumable so we’ve included three filter types (date range, status, and code) to effortlessly search through errors for a quick debug. Now you can quickly detect failure(s), address the issue, and contact the affected user(s). No more waiting until a customer contacts you!

Beefing up security

With Teams for Providers, we released 5 roles to enable greater access control within your team. Roles ensure those who don’t need access, don’t have access. Additionally, the provider admin role allows you to rotate credentials without Manifold intervention. Yay security!

What’s in store for the future?

Provider Insights

The foundation created here enables future features like alerting you about recurrent problems, downtime, and more detailed error messages. Each one of these features will enable faster reaction time and debugging.

More roles for more control

We plan to add additional roles to Teams for Providers. Currently, we have five roles (Read, Read Credentials, Write, Admin, Provider admin) with varying degrees of access. We want to create more granular roles to increase security and to give you even greater access controls.

Flexible billing

If you’ve talked to anyone who’s ever had to run a marketplace, they’ll tell you finding one billing model to accommodate all the different needs of providers is the biggest challenge. We’ve been investing a lot of time in making sure our billing model can accommodate at least 80% of what you guys need. We’ve come up with a newer, much more flexible billing model, I can’t say too much about it yet but know that it’s coming!

Thank you

Lastly, thank you all being an amazing group of humans and hustling everyday to ensure our users get a superior product. We wouldn’t have such a vibrant marketplace without you and we will continue investing in your success.

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