If the Avengers were developers, which stack would they use?

There’s no “I” in Stack

Since we ran this poll on Twitter, we want to empower your team.

So if the Avengers were developers, which stack would they use? We’ve lost sleep over this, so we did the research.

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Care Bears

Just like the Care Bears, Ruby on Rails has all the things you need to get the job done and win the fight. It’s built with love, hugs and cheer to make sure anyone and everyone can join. Use cuddly RabbitMQ to ensure every service is happy, with Sneakers’ using AMPQ to ensure everything is delivered.

Language: Ruby
Framework: Rails
Tools/services: CloudAMQP

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Fantastic Four

Science made the Fantastic Four, and it did the same for Python. Dump your chemical composition analysis into WebSolr, then read them into Pandas’ data frames and analyze results to find the right formula to defeat Victor Von Doom.

Language: Python
Framework: Pandas
Tools/services: WebSolr

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Teen Titans

Attach your utility belt, or drop in from another world — the Teen Titans are here to change up the way the web works with Elixir and GraphQL. They’ve booted up an Apollo instance and hooked up logDNA and Scout to analyze the competition and kick some ass.

Language: Elixir
Framework: GraphQL, Absinthe
Tools/services: Scout, logDNA, Apollo

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Need a fast, reliable, no-bullshark database? Dodge the wave of incoming bullets with JawsDB MySQL, just like Barney and his team of veterans are geared to spin another Laravel app to fire thousands of email through their Mailgun.

Language: PHP
Framework: Laravel
Tools/services: JawsDB MySQL, Mailgun

Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad will make chaos reign with Javascript everywhere. Task Force X hits the ground running with npm to manage the team’s every move on the front and back ends. With new tech like React and old tech like JawsDB Postgres, they’re ready to tackle anything the web sends their way.

Language: Javascript/Node
Framework: React.js
**Tools/services: **NPM, JawsDB Postgres

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The Avengers don’t rely on anyone else to build their tech — all they need is Go and its standard library. Frameworks? Go Developers don’t need one. With the Avengers, Stark puts all the tools together in-house to push their tech to the next level— adding things like Torus to shield their top secret communiqués, maintaining data integrity with CockroachDB, making it strong enough to withstand a hulk smash.

Language: Golang
Framework: No way - go away
Tools/services: Torus, CockroachDB

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