Take your cloud services to any platform with the Manifold CLI

Take your cloud services to any platform with the Manifold CLI

Take your cloud services to any platform with the Manifold CLI

At Manifold, we’re dedicated to helping developers find, organize, and connect the best services to their applications. We recognize that developers need efficient workflows, which means making sure Manifold works effortlessly with the most popular tools and platforms. Our command line utility makes it easier for developers to access their Manifold-managed resources and configuration exactly where they need them.

How will the command line utility help? Inevitably your configuration and secrets end up on disk. Sometimes they are accidentally checked into source control. And when someone joins the team you run around to each of the account owners to obtain tokens for them. It’s a huge headache.

Manifold’s command line utility simplifies adding new cloud services to your application, making it as simple as installing a new software package. Once you have services and config managed through Manifold, you can deliver their secrets directly to your app as environment variables. When a new developer is added you just invite them to your Manifold team and they can instantly run your application with the appropriate config. No more tracking down access, no secrets on disk, and you never leave the command line.

See what other integrations we have available, and vote for new ones, by visiting our Integrations page. You can share your ideas for what we should integrate with next to hello@manifold.co.

Getting started with Manifold’s command line utility

You can start using our CLI today by following the Getting Started Guide available in our integrations documentation.

If you want to dig into the internals of our command line utility, check out the repo on Github at https://github.com/manifoldco/manifold-cli. There you will find the source code, details on how to contribute, as well as an avenue for logging and bugs or feature requests. And if you like the project, throw us a star ⭐️!
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Tell us what you’re building

We’re interested in what you’re building! Whether you’re using our CLI or not, send us a message, to hello@manifold.co, with how you’re using Manifold for and what we could be doing better.

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