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Announcing Early Access To Render Add-ons Powered By Manifold

Our first Marketplace-as-a-Service platform partnership

We’re excited to announce early access to our first Marketplace-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform partnership with Render.com. This partnership delivers new add-on capabilities to the Render platform through an integrated marketplace, giving developers the freedom and choice to discover, purchase, and manage their favorite cloud services from the context and familiarity of the Render dashboard.

Render is the first platform partner to integrate with Manifold's catalog of cloud-native APIs, tools, and services. We’re just getting started, with more platform integrations underway.

Meet Render

Founded by Anurag Goel, formerly of Stripe, Render is a unified cloud platform that lets developers build and run all their websites, apps, static sites, background workers, and microservice APIs from one place at a lower cost than traditional cloud platforms.

Render is focused on making it incredibly easy for developers to deploy applications without requiring up-front expert knowledge of the underlying server infrastructure.  Goel wants to bring the same level of simplicity to application hosting that Stripe brings to payments.  With their fully integrated GitHub workflow, continuous integration has never been easier with automatic deployments and pull request previews.

 "Render is building the logical next step to cloud infrastructure — making it disappear. Application developers clearly want to focus on the functionality and usability of their work, and not on server setup, deployment, and scaling. Render is enabling exactly this focus and that’s why early developer users love it so much," Anurag said in a recent TechCrunch interview.

Today you can provision logging and monitoring services while staying in the context of Render’s dashboard starting with two of Manifold’s most popular tools: LogDNA and Scout. Render can continue to curate a catalog of add-ons that best fits their customer needs as they grow.

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Powered by Manifold

At Manifold, our mission is to connect developers with the cloud tools and services they want, in the places where they choose to build. We’ve built an extensible MaaS toolkit that enables developer communities and platforms to expand the services they provide without tackling marketplace-specific challenges such as billing, provisioning, integration, credential management, and partner management.

With Manifold MaaS, Render can focus on building the cloud platform capabilities that embody their core mission, while the Manifold-powered marketplace provides specialized tools for operational services such as logging and monitoring.

How it works

Let's go through a real-life example of creating services directly on Render with an existing Render project and integrate a new LogDNA instance onto the platform.

Creating a new add-on

Let’s assume we have an existing Render project to work with. If you’re new to Render, following the quickstart docs will get you up and running in no time (as of the time of this blog post, Render supports Node.js, Python, Ruby, Elixir, Go, Rust, PHP, Docker, and static HTML/file hosting.)

Next, go to the new Addons tab at the top of your Render dashboard (avialble to select developers during early access period).

creating a new Manifold addon on Render

Render currently features LogDNA, an award-winning logging and monitoring tool for most server-side applications, and Scout, an application performance monitor (APM) for Ruby, Elixir, Python, and PHP.

We’ll provision a new LogDNA instance by selecting LogDNA, which will show us more details about the service before continuing.

selecting a new Manifold LogDNA service on Render

On the next screen, the free plan is already selected for us (larger, paid plans will be arriving soon), so all we need to do is provide an easy name for us to remember (don’t worry; you can always change this later).

naming a new Manifold LogDNA instance on Render

Once it’s done spinning up, we can see our new service. From here we can see our addon name, plan, availability, and credentials. But the best part is that we can log straight into our new LogDNA dashboard without having to create a separate account. Click SSO into Dashboard to launch LogDNA’s full dashboard:


Once LogDNA has been created, we can access our logs directly from Render, saving time while staying in context.

the LogDNA dashboard, authenticated from Render

To show this in action, we’ve made an example Node.js app that takes a form input, and logs everything to:




That’s it—`stdout`. With any app that’s running on Render with a LogDNA service, anything that appears in `stdout` will log straight to LogDNA 🎉.


(Note: During the early access period, you have to trigger a Manual Deploy of existing services to start sending logs to LogDNA. This will be addressed very soon.)

We’re excited to show you how this works, and how our MaaS toolkit enabled a cloud platform like Render to offer features like logging and monitoring, without building them. We also like how it enables services like Scout and LogDNA to reach developers in a natural context and get started quickly.

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Bonus: pull request previews

Render provides the automatic ability to get preview links for all your pull requests on GitHub. To enable this, go to your service page, navigate to the Pull Requests tab, and click Enable Pull Request Reviews.

Render preview links

Now Render will show every pull request in your Render dashboard and comment on every PR in GitHub with a handy link:

Render Pull Request Preview comment on GitHub

Check out the Render docs to learn more about what Render can do, from YAML infrastructure orchestration to zero-downtime deploys.

More to come

Manifold is an integrated marketplace deployed as a service on a developer cloud platform. Manifold’s MaaS not only creates value for Render and their community of developers, it also helps service providers reach more users.  And this is just the first of several cloud platforms where you’ll see the Manifold catalog this year.  

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