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New in 2020: Self-service Marketplace Management Tools

After delivering the core developer-facing marketplace technology for MaaS, it’s time to get to work on management tools for companies to use at scale. We’re starting with the basics, where our customers have been telling us they want more self service tooling: catalog content management tools, analytics, and managing add-ons in team and org wide contexts.

Catalog management in the Manifold console

MaaS Admins can curate their catalog, adding services that fit their workflows while keeping up-to-date with new products added to the Manifold catalog.

Manifold catalog curation

Teams support

‚ÄćWith support for teams, resources are no longer assumed to be owned by the authenticated user. MaaS customers can now associate resources to any entity value, such as a team or organization. Our new GraphQL API supports an Owner field and some of our Web Components have an owner-id attribute.¬†


mutation CreateResourceWithOwner(
 $planId: ID!
 $productId: ID!
 $regionId: ID!
 $resourceLabel: String!
 $configuredFeatures: [ConfiguredFeatureInput!]
 $owner: ProfileIdentity!
) {
   input: {
     displayName: $resourceLabel
     label: $resourceLabel
     planId: $planId
     productId: $productId
     regionId: $regionId
     configuredFeatures: $configuredFeatures
     owner: $owner
 ) {
   data {


New billable activity and payout statements

‚ÄćWe‚Äôll continue to enrich our billing reports and payout statements. Now, service providers can access their billable activity and money owed through enhanced statements available directly from the Manifold console.

Sample payout statement

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