Maximizing your product’s conversion rate

How to create a high-quality listing for your product on the Manifold marketplace

The goal of any online business is to maximize its conversion rate. You want to create as many opportunities for developers to see your product at the top of the funnel and then you want to take your best swing at converting them while revising and optimizing over time to increase the likelihood they adopt your product.

On Manifold, you have a number of opportunities to surface your product in front of potential users, while also being shown amongst potential alternatives. So how do you stand out from the rest? How do you maximize the likelihood that a user will choose your services over another? It starts by creating a high-quality product listing.

Let's take a look at where your product is shown in the marketplace, and how you can take best advantage of every opportunity.

Showcasing your product

The catalog listing and your service page are the two main opportunities for you to show off your product in the Manifold marketplace.

Catalog listing

The catalog listing is where users discover products by category (database, logging, monitoring, etc) and are inspired to use new services and learn different use cases for services they already know and love. The catalog is shown on the Manifold homepage and in the Dashboard.    


Service page

The service page is a singular page which presents the value prop of a service. It gives a product overview, screenshots, and your pricing and features. Think of your Manifold service listing as a landing page for your product, it needs to convey the use case of your service and educate users on the breadth of your features.


Where should you start?

Starting your service with a high-resolution color logo is the best way to grab a developer’s attention. Logos which are grounded on a backdrop of color stand out from the rest of the pack, and enable you to bring your brand colors to your listing on both the dashboard and website.

Your product overview should consist of succinct feature descriptions which highlight the core value prop of your service. Having 3-4 feature descriptions in your overview is ideal, so to not have users fight through a wall of text to understand your service (and maybe toss in an emoji or ✌️.)

If you have additional features you would like to highlight, I recommended including them as part of your pricing matrix. This will display the features being included with the product in a more compact manner.


Pricing and packaging

When it comes to pricing and packaging, you want to make sure you’re lowering the barrier to making a purchase decision. Your plans will show up in two distinct places: on the website where new users will be deciding whether to start using your product and in our dashboard where existing users are adding additional services or changing which plan they are buying.

Each partner has full control over their pricing when it comes to selling your product on Manifold, but we encourage our partners to consider the impact of having clear, concise representations of your products’ features and pricing and can help guide you with targeting our user base.

Tell your story in pictures

Your screenshots are the most compelling section of your listing. These pictures explain your product to users and enable them to understand what they can do with your product. To tell a good story in screenshots, it can be good to select a specific use-case. Users will project themselves in your solution, making their purchase decision easier.

It can be good to isolate parts of the UI you want to be fixtures in the story you are telling, calling attention to specific features which were described so users can understand how what you’ve described before operates. They are effectively test-driving your product by looking at it.


Don't forget about the command line

Our users are primarily developers, which means they often live inside their IDE and terminals. We take pride in integrating with developers’ existing workflows through a suite of integrations. If developers are operating from the command line we want to meet them there, so we have replicated our web experience in the Manifold CLI.

You can review your product’s buying experience in the Manifold CLI using manifold create before launching on our platform.


Take advantage of co-marketing opportunities

We have recently launched a program for our partners to collaborate on marketing opportunities. This program aims to amplify the amount of exposure a partner receives throughout the Manifold network through collaboration across marketing activities such as content creation and social media.

Are you interested in becoming a partner?

If you would like to learn more about how to list your service on the Manifold marketplace, click here to read about our partner program and start your integration.

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