Manifold Enters the Iron Age

Today, we’re excited to introduce three new services to Manifold — Iron Worker, Iron MQ and Iron Cache.

Long before serverless and microservices were buzzwords, the backbone of modern cloud architectures were made of Iron.

  • Iron Worker is a Docker batch processing solution. Train your ML backend squirrel classifier with its GPU support, send personalized emails to every customer with autoscale, or just run a backup every Sunday with scheduling.
  • Iron MQ is message queue designed to make inter-service communication fast and reliable, built from the ground-up in GoLang.
  • Iron Cache is a memcache-compatible hosted key/value store that allows you to define caches that you can store and retrieve values from.

Iron is trusted by developers everywhere: CNN uses IronMQ to make sure breaking news is delivered on time and Whole Foods powers its customer insights platform with Iron Workers.

With Iron now available on Manifold you can offload long-running processes and connect distributed systems on any cloud faster than you can find Fe on the periodic table.

Add Iron Worker easily to any project with Manifold’s dashboard.

We’re humbled that Iron has joined the fold because we share a common vision. We dream of a world in which developers have the freedom to use the tools that make them happy and productive, regardless of whether they’re building an application on Hyper, AWS, DO or all of the above. And it’s in working with fellow visionaries like Dylan Stamat, the CEO at Iron, that we do more than dream; together, we’re building a new developer toolbox. One that will stay with developers wherever the cloud might take them.

In celebration of Iron’s launch we’ve created a $25 coupon — IRON —so go ahead and take Iron’s services for a spin on us!

Creating an IronMQ resource on the command line

You can get all the details about the services Iron offers on Manifold here.

Next, head over to Iron to read their announcement or stick around for a refresher on background processing and message queues.

Already using Iron?

You can now seamlessly connect any service available on Manifold to a worker running on Iron. The talented Drew Powers guides you how in:

New to Background Processing or Message Queues on Manifold?

If you haven’t experimented with background processing, our friend Robin Percy has prepared a couple of great examples in Ruby:

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