Introducing Developer Startup Stories, with LogDNA’s CEO Chris Nguyen

Our companies rely on so many different tools and services, yet most of us don’t know the interesting people or the rich stories behind them. With this in mind, we decided to launch “Developer Startup Stories”, a meetup series where we dive in deep with founders and makers of the developer tools and services we know and love.

Our inaugural meetup will feature LogDNA, a cloud logging provider out of YC W15, and will be held at Manifold’s San Francisco office in the Financial District.

LogDNA, the Serendipitous “Splunk Killer”

Can you “accidentally” build one of fastest growing and advanced cloud logging platforms? Your gut might say no, but the team at LogDNA would disagree with you. When the founders were accepted to Y Combinator, they realized that they had built an internal tool that had more potential than the business that had originally been accepted to Y Combinator. So naturally, they pivoted.

Since then, they’ve raised $1.3M in funding to win developer hearts and minds with a world-class developer experience and startup friendly pricing, while also fighting logging incumbents like Splunk and SumoLogic with enterprise-friendly features like HIPAA compliance and a Kubernetes integration.

Join me on November 15th as I host a fireside chat with LogDNA’s CEO Chris Nguyen.

Come join us!

We encourage developers and entrepreneurs alike to attend this event; come and learn more about our industry, the stories behind the tools we use, and maybe get inspired to build a developer tool of your own!

Attendance will be free and I encourage you to reach out if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback. (Especially if you want to be featured in a future meetup!) Please make sure to RSVP on Eventbrite if you wish to attend.

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