Get festive with Manifold’s 12 days of cloud services 🦌 🎅 ❄️

With the countdown to the holidays underway, we thought it would be fun to turn the spotlight on some of the services on our Marketplace you maybe haven’t seen yet.

Each of the next 12 weekdays, we will feature a different service on our homepage, accompanied by a blog post which will help you get to know the service through tutorials, walkthroughs and insider tips.

We hope that one or more of these services will inspire your holiday hackathon project, or give you some ideas for how to improve an existing application.

12 days of cloud services

  1. Mailgun — Learn how to get your transactional emails ready for the holidays with these tips from the Mailgun team
  2. CloudAMQP — Find out how message queues help make it possible to communicate in microservice architectures using RabbitMQ
  3. Bonsai Elasticsearch — Read how Search Templates withElasticsearch can save you time and effort when tweaking your search setup
  4. LogDNA —Sleep soundly over the holidays with these tips for adding logging to your Kubernetes cluster
  5. — Accelerate user growth by lowering your barrier to entry during signup, taking advantage of perennially logged-in social users
  6. — Learn how to use Iron Worker to schedule tasks, such as sending an email blast to a list of users
  7. Ziggeo — Find out how easy it is to use Ziggeo’s video recording and playback API to send and receive videos with your friends
  8. Scout — Get an overview of the multitude of PHP frameworks that are available and learn how Scout aims to help solve the difficulty of debugging these frameworks
  9. RedisGreen —Did you know you can model time series data with Redis? Take a look at how Streams make this possible and how easy it is to get started with RedisGreen
  10. Memcachier — Learn how to take any Laravel application and supercharge its speed using Memcachier’s hosted Memcache on Manifold
  11. Till Mobile — See how you can integrate SMS surveys into an Electron application with this amazing walkthrough.
  12. Bring your own — If you haven’t found what you need so far, why not bring your own? Manifold’s custom resource templates enable you to organize your own config alongside all of the services you buy.

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