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One of the great things about development today is that we can leverage cloud services to quickly build and scale applications that might have previously taken months, dozens of developers, and racks of servers. It is now the norm for us to trust experts with services like databases, email, and monitoring, enabling us to focus on our products instead of ops.

We shouldn’t have to decide between convenience and quality

However, agility comes with trade-offs. We end up captive to the cloud we choose, confined to the options they’ve built in-house or whoever they’ve established partnerships with. Selecting the best services for the job one-by-one means having to deal with account and credit card management across multiple providers, leading to more management complexity.

How can we make quality convenient?

We’re building Manifold in an effort to start solving these problems. Available in beta today, you can use Manifold to purchase and manage services like databases, email, and monitoring, regardless of host. Need to debug your weekend side-project? Add logging instantly. Has your production app grown more quickly than expected? Spin up a few databases as you scale. Create a Manifold account, select a service, and get your credentials in minutes.

Planting the seed for an ecosystem

We’re excited to be starting with a small group of great service providers that really get developers: Bonsai ElasticSearch, JawsDB (MySQL, MariaDB, and Postgres), LogDNA, Mailgun, Memcachier, RedisGreen, Scout (Rails and Elixir monitoring), and Websolr. We chose these services not just because they understand developers, but because collectively, they comprise a great stack for Ruby developers. (though not just limited to Ruby!)

We want to hear from you!

Today we’re starting with a very focused group of services, but we want to gradually add new services and work our way towards collaborating with more communities, languages, and frameworks. We have a long ways to go, but we’re excited for the future. If there are any services that you (or your application) can’t live without, I’d love to hear from you. Give us a try and please let me know what you think.

P.S. We’re hiring! If you’re as passionate about developer services as we are, we’d love to chat.

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