Ditch your noisy, hard-to-use logs with Timber on Manifold

Timber normalizes your log schema and contextualizes it with attached metadata.

At Manifold, we’re dedicated to constantly adding new and useful services. We help developers find, organize, and connect the best services to their applications. With that in mind, we’re excited to welcome Timber to the Manifold Marketplace. Timber is a cloud-based logging system that is designed for applications and developers, allowing you to spend less time debugging and more time shipping.

Logging is a difficult problem. Existing platforms are expensive, and have short data retention periods. Modern application development logs come from several different sources in all shapes and sizes, making it difficult to parse through all the noise.

If the point of logs is to be able to debug better then shouldn’t they be designed to do that?

About Timber

Timber is a completely managed platform that stores and processes all your data for you. Timber normalizes your log schema and contextualizes it with attached metadata (the user, request ID or other custom valueS). This makes it easier to find the issue you’re looking for, quickly, and without the hassle of sorting through the noise. With Timber you get 6 month data retention out of the box, opening the door to analytics and trend analysis. You’ll never get caught lacking the data you need.

With Timber on Manifold you can organize your logging platform alongside many other developer services giving you centralized access controls, a single bill at the end of the month and direct integration to your development workflow.

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