Deploy Any Resource with Manifold and Terraform

At Manifold, we’re dedicated to helping developers find, organize, and connect the best services to their applications. We recognize that developers need efficient workflows, which means making sure Manifold works effortlessly with the most popular tools and platforms. Today we are pleased to announce the Manifold Terraform provider. This new integration makes it easier for developers who use Terraform to deploy configuration and secrets exactly where they need it.

How will our Terraform integration help? If you’re a developer using Terraform, your stack is likely composed of first and third party services, and organizing these is a headache. Inevitably you find your configuration files and deploy scripts riddled with secrets and application config.

The Manifold Terraform provider enables you to read the data of your provisioned resources. With access to your resources we’ve streamlined delivery of secrets and configuration to the appropriate applications in your stack, or other providers. No more hard-coding secrets in your Terraform config files.

Stay tuned for further integrations launching throughout the month of August. You can keep up to date by visiting our new Integrations page. You can share your ideas for what we should integrate with next to

Getting started with Manifold’s Terraform provider

You can start using our Terraform provider today by following the Getting Started Guide available in our integrations documentation.

If you want to dig into the internals of our Terraform integration, check out the repo on Github at There you will find the source code, details on how to contribute, as well as an avenue for logging and bugs or feature requests. And if you like the project, throw us a star ⭐️!

Don’t use Terraform yet?

Having your infrastructure as code allows you to feel confident that your deployments always have the correct shape and configuration.

You start by creating configuration files which describe to Terraform the components needed to run a single application or your entire infrastructure. Terraform generates an execution plan describing what it will do to reach the described state for you (create a load balancer or compute instance, ship an application tarball, add configuration or secrets, and more).

Tell us what you’re building

We’re interested in what you’re building! Whether you’re using Terraform yet or not, send us a message, to, with how you’re using Manifold for and what we could be doing better.

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