Award-Winning Video service Ziggeo joins the Manifold Marketplace

Video adds immediacy, trust, and personality to reintroduce human connection in distributed organizations.

At Manifold, we’re dedicated to constantly adding new and useful services. We help developers find, organize, and connect the best services to their applications. With that in mind, we’re excited to welcome Ziggeo to the Manifold Marketplace. Ziggeo’s video APIs and mobile SDKs make it easy for you to record, playback, transcode, stream, and host videos.

We work in distributed communities and organizations, because of this we often lose face to face communication. By incorporating video you add immediacy, trust, and personality which reintroduces human connection.

Ziggeo enables you to capture, curate and manage videos using their API and SDKs for recording and playback. Easily implement features cross-browser and cross-platform such as filters, object recognition, safe for work detection, and much more.

With Ziggeo on Manifold you can organize your video APIs + mobile SDKs alongside many other developer services giving you centralized access controls, a single bill at the end of the month and direct integration to your development workflow and deployed applications.

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