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The Benefits of DevOps tools in a Marketplace

Listing on a marketplace presents a unique opportunity for developer services companies and is a great distribution strategy.

Marketplaces are unique as a distribution strategy as the platform nature of their business enables companies to focus on what makes them special while taking advantage of powerful network effects, the underlying marketplace infrastructure, and gaining insights from data.

However, developer marketplaces benefit from more than just application components like databases or Content Management Systems (CMS). Marketplaces also benefit from having a rich set of DevOps components. Examples are apps in incident response, monitoring, release automation, test automation, and code quality tools. These DevOps apps extend and enrich the developer marketplace for both app buyer and seller, creating a thriving developer ecosystem.

Build the Product 

Buying and maintaining DevOps software is a complex process involving many steps: billing, identity, provisioning and last but not least, encryption. These steps are specialized and complex and can be a real burden for a DevOps app development company.

A developer tools marketplace, like Manifold, can take care of these complex workflows, so the DevOps app developer can concentrate on their core business: developing state-of-the-art DevOps applications. The developer does not have to worry about spending their hard-earned cash on building and maintaining additional features and functionality like Role-Based Access Control, 2 Factor-Authentication or the complicated aspects of pricing and billing. Building a software product is difficult enough already.

Grow the Business 

When a DevOps app developer adds their app to a marketplace catalog, they are instantly connected to the worldwide developer community making use of this catalog. They can immediately start communicating with developers across multiple cloud platforms, create awareness, start selling their product and increase revenue.

The developer can also make use of the marketing and platform partnerships the marketplace is happy to share with them. They can combine their complementary DevOps services offerings with a known database brand listed in the marketplace, increasing its brand awareness.

The financial data related to the business on the marketplace can be monitored with reports and analytics, powered by the developer marketplace and accessible at any time.

All this gives the DevOps app developer a new source of revenue, with unlimited potential.

Additionally, the developer community now knows they can find and buy DevOps applications on the marketplace they use. It is a win-win situation for the DevOps app developer and the worldwide developer community they are a member of. An opportunity to grow and mature, not only for the marketplace, but for the developer community globally.

Extend the Platform 

Developers need access to the best tools and services to build state-of-the-art apps on their cloud platform. This also includes DevOps applications.

When these DevOps apps are included in a marketplace, developers have seamless access to all the tools and services they need to build quality apps on their platform for their customers.

Not only on development and test environments but also in production on different cloud platforms; all with a modern and cloud-focused API-first strategy. 

This simplifies the different environments the app platform needs for continuous integration and development, making the developers happier and more productive, and increasing the company’s revenue.

Again, a win-win situation for both the DevOps app developer and the global developer community.

Start Selling Your Service Through Manifold

Listing on a marketplace presents a unique opportunity for developer services companies and is a great distribution strategy. Marketplaces add value to developer services companies by allowing them to leverage their underlying infrastructure to save costs, as well as to build awareness and increase the prospective user-base by enabling them to reach a large and diverse audience of prospective customers.

Manifold enables developers to easily discover, buy and manage the best services for their applications while allowing vendors to leverage the underlying infrastructure and marketing reach.

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