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Announcing Plan Builder Developer Preview

A tool that anyone on your team can use to click, drag, and toggle their way to a standard pricing table that showcases your product plans and corresponding features.

I’m excited to announce the public developer preview of Plan Builder, a  tool for creating and centrally managing pricing plans for SaaS products. Plan Builder is a visual pricing plan editor that generates Web Components for your website. Once the components are embedded, you can manage changes to your pricing plans centrally from the Manifold Console.

Adapting pricing and plans can be a key part of your SaaS or API growth strategy, but making frequent changes to your pricing plan can often be more work than is realistic. A single change can require multiple teams to modify static content across different properties. A new feature may add a lot of value, but finding the right place for it in your pricing plan structure can require experimentation in order to understand the performance and optimal pricing for that feature. Our goal at Manifold is to help companies solve these challenges by removing friction related to pricing and distribution for managed services and APIs.

Over the last four years, we’ve worked with hundreds of developer tools businesses and we’ve seen pricing and packaging can be a point of friction as businesses grow. We believe that pricing and packaging should be a low friction part of your growth strategy. That’s why we built Plan Builder.

Watch a demo video to see how Plan Builder works.

Create pricing plan tables quicker with a visual editor

Plan Builder is a tool that anyone on your team can use to click, drag, and toggle their way to a standard pricing table that showcases your product plans and corresponding features.


We start you with 3 plans to show what’s possible but please add or remove as many plans as you need with the plus button on the right.


To add a feature, click the feature row on the left to open the feature editor. Name your new feature, and specify the type of feature you want it to be. There are currently six types to choose from.

  • Text
  • Checkbox
  • Pay-as-you-go (Metered)
  • Multiple Choice
  • Toggle
  • Numeric Range


View your plans before they get published. Grab the URL in the browser to share with your team.

Deploy pricing anywhere quick and easy

The modern Web Component architecture lets you simply copy and paste an embed code to display your pricing plan table wherever you want. Using the GraphQL API also makes it easy for you to access plan details from within your own code.

Embed code

Once your plan table is ready to add to your website, you’ll see two small blocks of code on the embeddable UI tab that will allow you to deploy the plan table Web Component wherever you want. Log in and save your plan to see your code.

Flexible theming with CSS

Each of Manifold’s components have standardized naming conventions, so it’s easy to identify elements and alter them using CSS selectors. Customize the look of your pricing table to match your brand; change the color of your buttons, font, and other elements.


Access Manifold as the single source of truth for your plans and pricing, during signup flows identify what entitlements should be enabled for that user.

Flexibility to work with Stripe or any billing system

Customize your Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons to send users to a Stripe checkout flow or any billing or contact journey you want.

CTA buttons

You can change the name of your buttons from the Embeddable UI tab. There are two options to hook up your billing system, either a URL redirect that will pass plan parameters or your own custom JavaScript to handle the requests.

Manage pricing plans centrally

No matter where you want to sell your SaaS product, (your own website, mobile app, or distribution partners), building your pricing plans from a central location will allow you to maintain a single source of truth.  Create new plans or make changes to existing ones and watch them get automatically updated wherever the Web Component is embedded.

Save and publish plans

Simply Log in to save and publish your plans. All changes will be saved and automatically published to everywhere you have your embed code deployed.

Update plan tables

When logging back into the Manifold Console, you will see all of your Products. Simply click the Edit button to go back into edit mode for each one.

Create new plan tables

From the Products tab at the top, you will be able to access your existing pricing plan tables and create new ones.

And… it’s free

The Plan Builder is and will be free for everyone to use forever. We expect most developer tool businesses will also add their products to our services catalog for distribution in our growing ecosystem of cloud platform marketplaces that will give them reach to millions of developers.

Developer Preview details

During this public preview period, Plan Builder will be open and free to use by anyone, and we encourage you to test it out and build your pricing plan tables with it. For support, you may contact us at support@manifold.co For feedback and/or suggestions you can use the “Send feedback” button at the top of the app. 

We’re only getting started addressing this challenge and have many features in the roadmap—we’d love to have you help us prioritize them! Try it now, and also please let us know what you think.

You can create and publish a plan in just minutes, building your own pricing plan table and adding it to your website. Have fun and happy pricing!

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