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Announcing Marketplace-as-a-Service for Developer Platforms

With Manifold’s new Marketplace-as-a-Service (MaaS), developer-facing platforms can now add a cloud services marketplace to their ecosystem with little effort and zero upfront costs.

Three years ago, we set out to build a streamlined solution to help developers discover and manage cloud services on any platform. Today we are making our core marketplace technology available to developer platforms through an embeddable service.

With the release of Manifold’s Marketplace-as-a-Service, we’ve made it easy for any developer facing company to deliver an amazing add-on experience.
<cite>– Jevon MacDonald, co-founder and CEO of Manifold</cite>

Developers want to have easy access to the tools and services they know and love, but building a marketplace of add-on tools, services, and server images is complex, and can take years. It requires a significant mix of technology and business development investments. Instead, platforms can simply use Manifold’s Marketplace-as-a-Service to rapidly add a fully populated marketplace ready for their developer customers to use, driving increases in customer adoption and revenue.

Integrating the MaaS is simple and fully customizable with a GraphQL API and flexible web components.  The marketplace comes pre-populated with a customizable catalog of cloud service providers that is always growing, as well as unified experiences for billing, role-based access control (RBAC), centralized secret management, service provider on-boarding, and provisioning.

Our higher order Web Components provide an out-of-the-box experience which automatically authenticates with the Manifold marketplace API to discover, provision, and manage resources, and makes starting your own marketplace a breeze.

The experience can be further customized through integrating individual Web Components, or by interacting directly with the Manifold marketplace API using our GraphQL interface.

Your web UI uses Manifold auth to connect your user to our Marketplace API to create a contextualized experience.

With an integrated marketplace, you have complete control to customize the types of services available in your catalog. You can choose services from our existing catalog and also introduce your own products and services.

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Cloud service providers build great technology that developers want, but it can be difficult and time consuming to scale it into a profitable business. It requires them to reach an increasingly fragmented developer community, build complex billing engines, and establish operational capabilities. In this recent article, Reilly Chase from HostiFi takes us behind the scenes of what it's like to build his own company and some of the challenges he faced.

By partnering with Manifold, service providers can avoid a lot of these challenges and list their products in our marketplace, write their own descriptions and set their own pricing.  At the end of every month, they get paid for the usage that’s generated through Manifold.

Providers get a complete billing solution and will benefit from our direct marketing activities as well as from partnerships we establish with strategic developer platforms. As mentioned above, these platform partners embed our catalog and use our provisioning and billing technology to offer an add-on marketplace to their users. Getting listed in these marketplaces puts our providers’ products in front of millions of developers around the world. For example, the platforms we are currently working with have over 12 million developers and this number will only grow over time as we partner with more ecosystems.

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Modern developers are using more cloud services for their applications than ever before. According to F5’s State of Application Services report for 2019, “87% of respondents have multi-cloud architectures, driven by an app-first methodology”.  As the number of services continues to grow, they must choose their cloud platform carefully or risk getting locked into one that limits the tools available to them. Provisioning new services also requires developers to establish separate payment and security profiles with every provider. This gets pretty complex when teams of developers need access to the same services.

Using Manifold, developers can discover, provision, secure and pay for all of their cloud services and share access with their team from a single account.

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