A better experience for Manifold resource creation

Today, we’re making it dramatically simpler for you to add logging, search, monitoring or a database to your application, regardless of which cloud it calls home, with Manifold.

Check it out on your dashboard, or if you haven’t already, sign up for Manifold.

Create a resource

It’s now easier to explore services, as well as spot a service that offers a free plan 🎁. You can name resources (or not—we’ll just generate a fancy name for you) and select the application this resource belongs to. This will come in handy when you take advantage of the new credential export feature.

Edit a resource

Get a quick overview of the resource you’re editing with the new product panel. Having a problem with the resource and need some help? Jump to docs and support with new links.

As always, we anxiously await your feedback!

Stay tuned — we have more UX improvements around the corner and new developer services launching… later today! ✨🚀

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