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Add Value to Your Service by Joining a Marketplace

Manifold helps to simplify the process for customers to integrate services within their own applications, improves service visibility within the development community, and helps provide service vendors with a revenue stream where one previously didn’t exist.

Comparing the Top 5 Pricing Models for Developer Apps

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different pricing strategies to find the right fit for your product and market. And don’t be afraid to make an adjustment if the pricing strategy you adopt at first doesn’t seem to be working. Nothing in the world of software pricing is written in stone.

Top 5 Enterprise Features That Should Be Part of Your Service Today

These essential features enterprises require might be boring or mundane to build – they might even seem unnecessary – but it makes a world of difference when you have them.

Developing Better Cloud-Native Apps with Cloud Service Marketplaces

Developers want the ease and scalability of cloud-native development patterns. But they also want to build apps that stand out from the crowd.


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